Monday, 25 July 2011

David Shillinglaw

Went up to meet David today in his northern (London predudice here) atelier. Had a very lively and fun chat about his work and what he is up to. He has a show with Cement coming up at the East Gallery on Brick Lane at the end of August and then all over the place, better check his site for details of that. The point of meeting was of course to discuss an Artswipe screenprint and we agreed on what is to be done. The print is going to be a version of a brand new painting which David is doing on a big piece of rusty metal. Going to be trying out some new techniques and am pretty excited about it I must admit. If all goes well it will be ready for the East Gallery show.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Urban Art Fair '11

The railings in Josephine Avenue and several surrounding streets in Brixton become covered in a very wide variety of art for a weekend in July every year. The fair has been very good for Mr Perronet for the past two years, but this year I was pretty sure the weather would put paid to that. It did rain a lot, and we all got rather wet and depressed at times. (Apparently it's the first serious rain in the fair's ten years.) But in the end it was well worth it and amoung other things I sold two of the new one off screenprint/monoprint/spraypaint cowboy heroes, which will encourange me to do more. They will go up on the Perronet site soon.

Are You Looking At My Bird?

The opening of AYLAMB? at the Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich market last Thursday evening. Ben's stuffed the space with all sorts of things from the obvious and crude (but funny) to the delightful. It was a lovely evening and lots of people showed up and drank and were pretty merry. 

Monday, 11 July 2011

My Bird

Just finished this on Saturday for Agent Provocateur who came over to Artswipe Towers to supervise the printing  process, with cold cans of lunch in our hands.  Made specially for the 'Are You Looking at My Bird?' show at the Ben Oakley Gallery (BOG) opening this Thursday. AP has done a few in black, I think only one in blue and a couple in orange and a few hand finished, like so....