Tuesday, 15 April 2014


A detail from Has's new print, Brainorama.  This is published by Artswipe and will soon be on sale on the site.  It is on 50 x 70 Magnani Litho paper and has six spraypainted layers and then a black screenprint layer and finally a satin varnish on top of the black. It looks fabulous, which is just as well as it took a very long time to complete the edition of 20!

Those Mexicans Again.

My very capable  sometime assistant Angus MacKenzie spotted these in the window of Art Republic in Brighton the other weekend. By Pixel printed by Atom.

Streets Of Beige

A2 Screenprint for the above guys (SOB) the design is by Chad Woodward and was for SOB's 16 Bit Brawl celebrating old school video games as far as I can make out. A great image and really fun to print. 

Biggest Print

Will Westaway is very pleased with the screenprinted poster for his film.  This print measures 2' x 3' and I am pretty sure it is the biggest printed area I have done.  American A1 apparently. A little tribute to Saul Bass, and none the worse for that.. The film sounds great actually, a documentary about the mysterious circumstances of a writers death.