Saturday, 15 February 2014

Dalston Alps

I did this CMYK screenprint as a test for David Buonaguidi. It was really to see how small I could go with the dots, in mono I can print up to 40dpi but its more difficult to work out dpi with CMYK, well in Photoshop anyway. Its pretty grainy, the bottom pic is from a section about 14cm wide, the picture area is about A2 on  B2 paper. I could perhaps go a bit smaller with the dots but this size works well and looks good, for the right artwork of course. Dave is planning a series of these and may get them printed by litho in the end, I've told him if he does I still want one for my wall..

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Map gets Bigger



Printed this for Joao at A2 size some time ago, now its B1 size (100x70cm) on the same recycled paper. Have a look at his stuff here