Tuesday, 27 May 2014

El Pixel Strikes Again!

Another stunning print from Pixel www.i-am-pixel.com when I say stunning I think I mean Atom's work as well as Pixel's. Well proud of these I am, printed by Angus, who took these pics, and me.  They are hard work to get spot on..being A1 in size and have flat areas of colour as well as quite fine detail and a varnish on top of all that. Don't think these are available atm but no doubt will be at Art Republic soon, and from Pixel's site, this one is El Iman. And a very few at the Atom Gallery (?)

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Wyatt is Golden

An A2 digital print for Sian Superman, with added value gold screen print layer!  Looks great, helps when the painting is rather good. I think she did an original with gold leaf around it, this is a slightly more affordable option. From an edition of 20 on her website