Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Kitchenalia and Procrastination

Two A2 posters printed for Sara Mererid Williams for sale in I think she said Selfridges. Some very small type here, about 10 point, and reversed out of a colour which can create problems with small lines filling in. I was pleased with how crisp I got it all. A fine mesh and a fairly stiff squeegee is the answer. Sara was very pleased too, and has printed stuff herself. Its always very gratifying when someone who knows how tricky screenprinting can be is impressed.

Felt Bags are Art

Felt bags printed for Angel Fernandez. Stupidly I forgot to photograph the other side where they said 'No' in six different languages. They will form part of an installation which is about Europe's attitude to the Euro..so there you are! Printed with Plastisol ink which can give a very opaque effect.  I burnt the first two I tried to heat cure as I hadn't realised how much nylon was in them as oppose to cotton shirts. That gave an interesting effect actually with the burnt felt shrinking away from the printed parts, for another project maybe.

Cel Out

Print for Cel Out, rather cleverly titled J Pegged, get it? Four colours, well four greys in fact. Sent all the way to Australia where he resides and is selling his stuff quite well.