Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pitfield London

A series of six prints for Pitfield London of some designs they have been putting on mugs for a little while.  These are printed on imitation gold leaf and look really good.  I believe they are bound for Selfridges.  Made me think of the Stanley Donwood series of apocalyptic London prints..

The Boy Who..

Another print from Gerry Baptist..he is getting ready for a group show of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers (Oooh) at their home The Bankside Gallery.  He had 20 sheets left over from the Sins print and wanted to use them up..I got 20 good prints for him..pretty pleased with that.

Print for Piccadelhi


I never thought I would see another version of that poster that would actually make me smile..but when it comes from someone who has thought of the name Piccadelhi perhaps it's not surprising. These are part of a new venture for Kerry and I hope it goes well. She was very canny with designing her prints, as you can see in the top photo I printed them 2 up and then cut in half to get two A3s. So for the run of 20 A2s she got 20 A3 of one design and 20 of another.as long as the colours are the same its very economical.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Sins of a Baptist


A lovely print from Gerry Baptist based on the seven deadly sins.  The circular designs are taken from a series of woodcuts he did from a felled three that was in his garden, hence the shapes. He did very well with these at the RA Summer show, and thought it would be nice to do something else with them that could be a lot more affordable.
"Many thanks for doing such a terrifically good job, in spite of the problems I gave you!"
cheers Gerry..

Shooting Soup



Two versions of Nick Smith's Target Practice soup prints.  They are big, around 70x100cm, and looked great, it was just like being in the factory for a few days..well there were far less speedfreaks and transvestites wandering around.  But these shots are from before they were shot, as it were.  Nick couldn't find anywhere here to let him do it so took them on holiday to Canada with him..and here is a video of a shotgun wielding Nick in the firing range posted on the Urban Art Forum:

Right Here, not quite Right Now

Two B2 size prints on black paper I did for Ryan Callanan for his August show at Ink_d in Brighton.  So a little while ago now.  Hope Mr Cook was pleased, I know he has several of Ryan's smiley on his walls. The other one was Insane in the Membrane in a similar pub glass/mirror stylee.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Christ, it's Tupac!

I don't often put digital prints on the blog as I do loads and loads.. but occasionally one is a bit special. Images of rappers nothing new but Mr Pac here looks great I think. Proud artist is Daniel Mernagh.

Now you see it..now you don't..


A Samuel Johnson inspired print by Jacob Bebbington, about to complete his course at Middlesex University I believe.  I think this is a great use of the varnish layer which was just printed over the top of the black.

Hassan Has It!

Hassan, known as Has, with one of his fabulous creations. This one is a digital print, I did a screen print with him a while back and look forward to doing another very soon.  You can buy his colourful pieces at the West Bank Gallery.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Kwen in London..

A small print for a guy with big ideas. Printed four up on A2 paper in only two colours makes this a print like this cheaper and much nicer than a digital print.  Quentin Vien was going to give them away as a thank you for investors in his animation project.  He kindly mentions Atom on his blog, and its an interesting and amusing read actually..have a look:

Sword Spinoff

Lorenzo Fruzza holds up his Game of Thrones digital print. There is a varnish layer over the swords, done with a screenprint which adds a nice shiny dimension. And with a very different subject matter and different effect I did a similar thing for the next blogee.

For Your Delight.

A series of digital prints for final year student at the London College of Communication, Charlie Mallinson, with added screen layer.  As you can see in the second pic. Charlie is appreciating the shininess of the type.  This was screenprinted on the digital image in two layers of white and then a layer of varnish over the top. Adding a varnish layer is really the only way to get a good glossy finish in my experience.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Scraffer's Salon

George, the man behind Scraffer, got in touch and asked me to print this rather nice Luke Insect designed poster for his group show in Notting Hill. There are some good names there, it looks like it will be worth a trip to the wild west.  Because the print is bled to the edges it is printed on larger paper and then trimmed down.  This not only makes it possible to pick up the prints without covering your hands in ink, and therefore the next sheet of paper, but also means you can keep the registration marks on each sheet. I got them properly trimmed by helpful guys at Reprocity in Hackney Wick and it makes all the difference to the finish.

Fonte's London

A rather fine London map by Joao Fonte printed on recycled paper sourced (as they say) by Joao.  He's told me where he got it and I think I may be getting some in for people pretty soon, I am often asked for a paper which is properly off white. I think Joao told me he originally drew this as a freebie for the ad agency where he works, with their office featured in red. Being decent sorts they have let Joao have his design to sell as a print with the advert omitted.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Kitchenalia and Procrastination

Two A2 posters printed for Sara Mererid Williams for sale in I think she said Selfridges. Some very small type here, about 10 point, and reversed out of a colour which can create problems with small lines filling in. I was pleased with how crisp I got it all. A fine mesh and a fairly stiff squeegee is the answer. Sara was very pleased too, and has printed stuff herself. Its always very gratifying when someone who knows how tricky screenprinting can be is impressed.

Felt Bags are Art

Felt bags printed for Angel Fernandez. Stupidly I forgot to photograph the other side where they said 'No' in six different languages. They will form part of an installation which is about Europe's attitude to the Euro..so there you are! Printed with Plastisol ink which can give a very opaque effect.  I burnt the first two I tried to heat cure as I hadn't realised how much nylon was in them as oppose to cotton shirts. That gave an interesting effect actually with the burnt felt shrinking away from the printed parts, for another project maybe.

Cel Out

Print for Cel Out, rather cleverly titled J Pegged, get it? Four colours, well four greys in fact. Sent all the way to Australia where he resides and is selling his stuff quite well.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mister White

Oh why was it only the first two series that made it to a proper channel and left us buying box sets and scratching around the internet for the rest? One day Breaking Bad will be repeated from the beginning on Atlantic or something and I can watch it all again. Little rush job for a guy found me on the web.

Uncurling Prints

Sometimes the curl on paper from a roll can be quite difficult to deal with. When the roll is nearing the end especially it can be tricky to cut down as it keeps springing up on the cutting mat. I thought there must be a solution and found this device.  The D-Roller is a US import, and is very simple and works very well.   In fact one has to be careful one doesn't put a curl in the opposite direction it is so efficient! It was plenty pricey of course, but here at Atom no expense..yeah yeah.
Print by Pimpanella, from a series based on nursery rhymes.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blood, Sweat and Beers

Seb Chaloner examines his digital and screen hybrid print which is one of a series of four I printed for his show of the above title at 5 Marshall St W1. Opened on the 1st of Feb. I say his show, I think with another guy whose name I dont know under the name Mystery Meat (co.uk) which goes a little way to explain the top image..

South London Prints

Another order of prints for South London Prints who are valued regular customers.  They do very well with small low priced prints at markets in Brixton and Clapham and around. I am trying to persuade Ed to do a screenprint of one of his map images..

Tabula Heart

(with a man who looks a little like Duchamp) That's what this screenprint is called! A nice little job for a guy called Ricky Chambers that came out of the blue, I'm just about to trim the paper in this picture.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tales from the Two Puddings

Tales from the Two Puddings is a book by Eddie Johnson, full of anecdotes from his time as landlord of the Stratford pub. His tenure lasted nearly 40 years and he gives a fascinating insight into what a side of London was like. The pub was well known in its time for live music, possibly the countries first disco upstairs, and an always lively mix of East End characters, if you know what I mean!  Eddie gave a talk with Robert Elms at the Bishopsgate Institute and signed books afterwards. The photographs were all printed by Atom and show some of the, always very smartly turned out, regulars and staff of the Puddings. The book is a great read often very funny and always interesting, and the photographs are a wonderful glimpse of a different age and a very different East End.  

Josh Flowers

 Poster for Josh Flowers, A2 size, two colours, nice and simple but works well I think.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Board Sh*tless

 A screenprint in two colourways for Mr Cee for the group show of the above name.  Close up trying to show the nice thick ink achieved with a coarse mesh. Also in the show is Batlow and I did some very nice digital prints for him but forgot to photograph them, sorry B!



Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives

A spoof Ouija board printed on wood for Darren Cullen who goes by the name above, have a look at his web site of the same name for lots of very funny stuff. He told me the board was a prize for Mystic Mark's astrology column in Scottish listing magazine 'The Skinny'

Religionis Violenta

The glamorous Gonny Glass whose KGB Projects curated the above show at the WestBank Gallery poses with Cosmo Sarson's screenprint. 'Breakdancing Jesus' was taken from his painting and printed by Atom.
And my own 'Kill in the Name of Christ' an A1 digital print.

24 Colour Print

By far the most colours I have ever printed on this print for Ryan Callanan, including a flourescent colour and gold leaf.  And on the wall at his show in the WestBank gallery.