Thursday, 2 February 2012

Busy in the Cold

Things have got properly moving in the New Year now, many more screens to prepare for the Hit & Run crew and another print edition for Nick Smith to do.  Doing some of my own work too, will post pics in a bit but not just yet as it is in very early stages.
The messy bit of doing the Hit & Run screens, they come to me covered in Plastisol ink which is weird in that it doesn't dry unless it is heat cured, so it can remain wet and nasty for weeks..

A beautifully hand crafted knob for one of the x y adujstment screws on the bed, you just don't see this level of workmanship very often these days..
And here is the refurbished screen bed all shiny and finished, works a treat too.
Mixing up a delicious pink to Nick's specifications, necessary cup of tea for this sort of work. Good fun actually, nice when you can get it pretty damn spot on.