Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mister White

Oh why was it only the first two series that made it to a proper channel and left us buying box sets and scratching around the internet for the rest? One day Breaking Bad will be repeated from the beginning on Atlantic or something and I can watch it all again. Little rush job for a guy found me on the web.

Uncurling Prints

Sometimes the curl on paper from a roll can be quite difficult to deal with. When the roll is nearing the end especially it can be tricky to cut down as it keeps springing up on the cutting mat. I thought there must be a solution and found this device.  The D-Roller is a US import, and is very simple and works very well.   In fact one has to be careful one doesn't put a curl in the opposite direction it is so efficient! It was plenty pricey of course, but here at Atom no expense..yeah yeah.
Print by Pimpanella, from a series based on nursery rhymes.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blood, Sweat and Beers

Seb Chaloner examines his digital and screen hybrid print which is one of a series of four I printed for his show of the above title at 5 Marshall St W1. Opened on the 1st of Feb. I say his show, I think with another guy whose name I dont know under the name Mystery Meat ( which goes a little way to explain the top image..

South London Prints

Another order of prints for South London Prints who are valued regular customers.  They do very well with small low priced prints at markets in Brixton and Clapham and around. I am trying to persuade Ed to do a screenprint of one of his map images..

Tabula Heart

(with a man who looks a little like Duchamp) That's what this screenprint is called! A nice little job for a guy called Ricky Chambers that came out of the blue, I'm just about to trim the paper in this picture.