Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pitfield London

A series of six prints for Pitfield London of some designs they have been putting on mugs for a little while.  These are printed on imitation gold leaf and look really good.  I believe they are bound for Selfridges.  Made me think of the Stanley Donwood series of apocalyptic London prints..

The Boy Who..

Another print from Gerry Baptist..he is getting ready for a group show of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers (Oooh) at their home The Bankside Gallery.  He had 20 sheets left over from the Sins print and wanted to use them up..I got 20 good prints for him..pretty pleased with that.

Print for Piccadelhi


I never thought I would see another version of that poster that would actually make me smile..but when it comes from someone who has thought of the name Piccadelhi perhaps it's not surprising. These are part of a new venture for Kerry and I hope it goes well. She was very canny with designing her prints, as you can see in the top photo I printed them 2 up and then cut in half to get two A3s. So for the run of 20 A2s she got 20 A3 of one design and 20 of another.as long as the colours are the same its very economical.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Sins of a Baptist


A lovely print from Gerry Baptist based on the seven deadly sins.  The circular designs are taken from a series of woodcuts he did from a felled three that was in his garden, hence the shapes. He did very well with these at the RA Summer show, and thought it would be nice to do something else with them that could be a lot more affordable.
"Many thanks for doing such a terrifically good job, in spite of the problems I gave you!"
cheers Gerry..

Shooting Soup



Two versions of Nick Smith's Target Practice soup prints.  They are big, around 70x100cm, and looked great, it was just like being in the factory for a few days..well there were far less speedfreaks and transvestites wandering around.  But these shots are from before they were shot, as it were.  Nick couldn't find anywhere here to let him do it so took them on holiday to Canada with him..and here is a video of a shotgun wielding Nick in the firing range posted on the Urban Art Forum:

Right Here, not quite Right Now

Two B2 size prints on black paper I did for Ryan Callanan for his August show at Ink_d in Brighton.  So a little while ago now.  Hope Mr Cook was pleased, I know he has several of Ryan's smiley on his walls. The other one was Insane in the Membrane in a similar pub glass/mirror stylee.