Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tales from the Two Puddings

Tales from the Two Puddings is a book by Eddie Johnson, full of anecdotes from his time as landlord of the Stratford pub. His tenure lasted nearly 40 years and he gives a fascinating insight into what a side of London was like. The pub was well known in its time for live music, possibly the countries first disco upstairs, and an always lively mix of East End characters, if you know what I mean!  Eddie gave a talk with Robert Elms at the Bishopsgate Institute and signed books afterwards. The photographs were all printed by Atom and show some of the, always very smartly turned out, regulars and staff of the Puddings. The book is a great read often very funny and always interesting, and the photographs are a wonderful glimpse of a different age and a very different East End.  

Josh Flowers

 Poster for Josh Flowers, A2 size, two colours, nice and simple but works well I think.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Board Sh*tless

 A screenprint in two colourways for Mr Cee for the group show of the above name.  Close up trying to show the nice thick ink achieved with a coarse mesh. Also in the show is Batlow and I did some very nice digital prints for him but forgot to photograph them, sorry B!



Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives

A spoof Ouija board printed on wood for Darren Cullen who goes by the name above, have a look at his web site of the same name for lots of very funny stuff. He told me the board was a prize for Mystic Mark's astrology column in Scottish listing magazine 'The Skinny'

Religionis Violenta

The glamorous Gonny Glass whose KGB Projects curated the above show at the WestBank Gallery poses with Cosmo Sarson's screenprint. 'Breakdancing Jesus' was taken from his painting and printed by Atom.
And my own 'Kill in the Name of Christ' an A1 digital print.

24 Colour Print

By far the most colours I have ever printed on this print for Ryan Callanan, including a flourescent colour and gold leaf.  And on the wall at his show in the WestBank gallery.