Friday, 17 May 2013

Kwen in London..

A small print for a guy with big ideas. Printed four up on A2 paper in only two colours makes this a print like this cheaper and much nicer than a digital print.  Quentin Vien was going to give them away as a thank you for investors in his animation project.  He kindly mentions Atom on his blog, and its an interesting and amusing read actually..have a look:

Sword Spinoff

Lorenzo Fruzza holds up his Game of Thrones digital print. There is a varnish layer over the swords, done with a screenprint which adds a nice shiny dimension. And with a very different subject matter and different effect I did a similar thing for the next blogee.

For Your Delight.

A series of digital prints for final year student at the London College of Communication, Charlie Mallinson, with added screen layer.  As you can see in the second pic. Charlie is appreciating the shininess of the type.  This was screenprinted on the digital image in two layers of white and then a layer of varnish over the top. Adding a varnish layer is really the only way to get a good glossy finish in my experience.