Sunday, 5 June 2011

Upfest '11

The sweet scent of aerosol propellants and ganja are in the air it must be Upfest!
Fabulous weather on Saturday, shame about Sunday.

Saw friends, met new people and generally had a great time.

Susie Lowe at work, Artswipe hopes to publish a print with her in the near future.

Artswipe also would very much like to work with the Twenty Twenty boys on something soon too.

Jo Peel, working on a beautiful piece in a sunny pub beer garden.  Already a print of hers in the Remasters section of the Prints for Sale section of the website.

Ben Oakley's handiwork, I missed him in full Jusus costume as he painted it in the sweltering heat of Saturday morning. Ben did a version of this image for Artswipe and there are a few left on the site.

Bungle puts the finishing touches to his collaboration with Agent Provocateur (Remasters print) and Matti.

What can I say?

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