Friday, 6 January 2012

New Digital Printer

A little while ago I upgraded the digital printer to one that will print A1. It also takes roll paper and will print on acetate so I can now prepare screen positives in house which is a big plus. The rolls are 610mm wide so I can now print that width by up to almost anything, well 12M in theory... for those interested it is an Epson 7890 which takes 9 UltraChrome K3 inks and features the new Vivid Magenta. I got it from Chau Digital on Roseberry Ave who were very helpful indeed. They didn't have a display one so I had never seen that model before it was delivered. The packing case was the size of a small car and it took two of us much sweating and swearing to manoeuvre the actual machine in through the basement window. When I read the set up instructions I was informed.'do not attempt to lift with less than four people.' I think I would agree with that. Below are two A2 prints I did recently for Dale Edwin Murray who has been using me quite a bit, and he is very particular about his prints!

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