Friday, 6 January 2012

Very Little Helper

Rather late in getting this blogged but here it is anyway. The story is JBoy made this image around the time Banksy's Weapon of Choice image was 'leaked' and were quickly told to forget about selling it, not sure if it was Fox or POW/Pest Control's lawyers or both but anyway..So the sneaky blighters offered it as a free download (for a limited time) in many colourways and the first fifty people to get it printed and sent back would have it signed for a few quid and cash donated to a dog charity. Over the next six months JBoy got regular emails from people asking how they could get a copy, so he decided to print it properly and offer it to those who had emailed. In steps Atom Printing.. very slightly daunted by the size(70x70cm) and edition (130) and also varnish which I had not done we went. I was ably assisted by Ashton who used to be a street urchin but is now a proper human, he has a degree from St Martins actually and a pair of very sharp eyes. The only real difficulty we had was the varnish on white paper, any tiny speck of dust shows up like the bollocks on a dog, so we were armed with his keen eyes and a couple of scalpel blades hooking out any bits of crap that landed, the varnish closed up afterwards so it worked well even if it was a little slow.

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  1. with a commission from BT I believe. Ryan is a master screenprinter himself but was too busy to do these.